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GuS - Grown Up Soda, 12oz

GuS - Grown Up Soda, 12oz

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MADE IN SMALL BATCHES: As a small, family-owned business founded in 2003, GuS takes pride in making their products in small batches using a limited–production bottling process.

SIMPLE INGREDIENTS: GuS sodas contain simple ingredients without containing any artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors or preservatives. We source only the highest quality juices, natural extracts and flavors, and cane sugar to provide a pure, clean and sophisticated taste. Instead of using off-tasting low-calorie sweeteners or filler juices, we simply cut back the sugar to achieve a grown-up taste profile.

A DRY TASTE: GuS Sodas lack the cloying sweetness found in mainstream sodas. Real juices, natural extracts and a light amount of cane sugar give our sodas a dry, refreshing “grown-up” taste profile. This crisp, less-sweet taste makes them an ideal accompaniment to fine food and as a base for easy-to-make cocktails.

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