CT Cantina & Taqueria

Welcome to the era where the mocktail is no longer a mere afterthought; it's a perfected craft, a staple, a must-have on any self-respecting restaurant menu. Leading the charge in this delicious revolution is C.T. Cantina & Taqueria located in the bustling and vibrant area of Trilith in Fayetteville, GA. This establishment isn’t just hopping on the bandwagon; they’re driving it, proudly offering a Zero Proof Mocktail menu that sits front and center, ready to seduce the palate of every diner with a yen for spirited flavors minus the spirits.

Imagine walking into a place where the atmosphere is as lively and colorful as the drinks being shaken at the bar. That's the experience at C.T. Cantina & Taqueria. Yet, what really sets them apart is not just the boisterous welcome or the aroma of authentic Mexican cuisine wafting through the air—it's their genuine commitment to a Zero Proof menu that is anything but an afterthought.

Each mocktail is crafted with the same passion and precision as their cocktails. It's a haven for those who want to enjoy the social lubrication of a great drink, without any of the side effects. The rigorous technique of muddling fresh-cut fruits releases the full spectrum of flavors and fragrance into every sip. Every drink is a masterpiece, oozing with the vibrant, sun-kissed goodness of meticulously sourced produce. This attention to detail ensures a freshness that can be tasted in every muddled concoction, each one promising a burst of refreshment that could rival any alcoholic mixer.

C.T. Cantina & Taqueria’s location is as noteworthy as its drinks. Found at the heart of Trilith, a nexus of creativity and community in Georgia, the cantina boasts a prime spot for both local foodies and visitors to gather. The address is easy to remember, but the experience is unforgettable, making it a staple in the community that offers a kind of refreshment that nourishes body, soul, and social life.

Recognition of C.T. Cantina & Taqueria's dedication comes from none other than us, The Little Sober Bar, which officially names the cantina as Sober Bar Certified. This designation is a badge of honor, distinguishing the establishment not only for their delicious menu but also for their mindful approach towards inclusive dining and drinking experiences.

For those who have not yet had the pleasure, C.T. Cantina & Taqueria stands out as a beacon of innovation in the culinary scene of Trilith, a landmark that's redefining what it means to enjoy a modern and inclusive night out. The message sent by the unassuming Zero Proof section of their menu is impactful: There is a world of taste to explore without alcohol, and it's a world that's been given the same respect, creativity, and culinary craftsmanship as any other.

So come on down to Trilith, take a seat at C.T. Cantina & Taqueria, and let the festivities begin—with a fresh, fruity Zero Proof mocktail in hand, toast to life, to the moment, and to the venue that welcomes everyone, proving that a drink doesn't need to be high-proof to be highly enjoyable.

Visit Them: 

305 Trilith Pkwy STE. 350, Fayetteville, GA 30214

Instagram: @cttrilith


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