Founder/CEO (she/her/they)

Bryttany Victoria

"My Fave? Nope Mango Margarita with Jalapeño"

My Mocktail: "Like the Dead"

Blue Curacao Syrup - Sour Syrup - Ginger Beer
Bryttany has a background in mixology, restaurant management, social media, photography, corporate office management, customer service, and sales. But that's just what she does. Who she is is bigger than that. Inspirational individual, mother, inclusive connector, a nuerospicy babe, partner, friend, and entrepreneur. Self reflective, growing, and mindful, that's the vibe behind building a business that is making a difference. As an expert in curating experiences she's paving the way for exceptional moments for all.

The Builder (he/him)


"I'd drink that KUL Mocks Peach Hibiscus Cider, ALL DAY!"

My Mocktail: "The Dude"

Spiritless Kentucky Spiced + Cola + Luxardo Cherry
Cameron's experience in the design space creating dynamic moments for smart homes everywhere helped drive the efficiency behind our first mobile bar. Keeping us on track to complete the project in 43 days, his expertise absolutely came in handy. Beyond his work for The Little Sober Bar you'll find him baking banana bread for the kiddos or yelling "send it" while participating in various adventurous activities.

Finance Intern (they/them)

Ana Caka

Ana is a dedicated, first-generation college student pursuing an MBA in Sustainability at the Bard Graduate Center in NYC. They've jumped aboard The Little Sober Bar to learn about business and keep our finance team running effectively. Their dedication to sustainability and keeping B from buying all the coffee is an essential asset to the team.

BarBabe (she/her)

Hannah Renee