Reformation Brewery

Reformation Brewery's latest venture into non-alcoholic options is sure to set the standard for craft breweries across the nation. Located in the vibrant city of Woodstock, GA, Reformation Brewery has solidified its position as a community hub, offering a diverse range of experiences for all to enjoy. But are they Sober Bar Certified?

As part of their commitment to inclusivity and innovation, Reformation Brewery has introduced two exceptional non-alcoholic beverages: the Ginger Sour Mocktail and the Blueberry Ranch Water Mocktail. Whether you're a designated driver, committed to a sober lifestyle, or simply seeking a refreshing alternative, these new mocktails guarantee a delicious and satisfying drinking experience.

But the excitement doesn't stop there. Reformation Brewery has also expanded its Alma Coffee offerings, with their Coffee Club. Truly catering to the morning crowd and those in need of a midday pick-me-up. Furthermore, their commitment to health and wellness is evident through their Sparkling Water with Electrolytes, sourced from local water sources. This emphasis on local ingredients and sustainable practices is a testament to Reformation Brewery's dedication to both community and quality.

In line with their dedication to inclusivity, The Little Sober Bar is proud to announce that Reformation is officially Sober Bar Certified, ensuring that all patrons can enjoy a safe and welcoming environment. Whether you're unwinding with a cold brew on their inviting patio or savoring the unique flavors of their non-alcoholic offerings, Reformation Brewery is creating an experience that is truly for everyone.

Visit Them: 

Reformation Brewery Woodstock

105 Elm St. Woodstock, GA 30188

On Instagram: @reformationbrewery


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