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In a society where social outing often revolves around the clinking of drink glasses, finding a place that thoughtfully caters to non-alcohol preferences can sometimes feel like a treasure hunt. Yet in the heart of Canton, GA, there lies a gem that shines for its inclusiveness: Riverstone Corner Bistro. Here, commitment to non-alcoholic options isn't just an afterthought; it's a celebrated part of the dining experience.

As January rolled in with resolutions and intentions for healthier lifestyles, many embraced 'Dry January,' and establishments nationwide toyed with the idea of reduced-alcohol menus. However, Riverstone Corner Bistro wasn't merely testing the waters. They dove in headfirst with an extensive Dry January menu that garnered admiration and patronage from mindful drinkers like myself.

I had the pleasure of visiting this culinary haven and immersing myself in their Dry January menu. With four different non-alcoholic options tried, I can attest that it was an absolute revel in variety and taste. Each sip offered a new discovery in flavor, masterfully crafted to ensure nobody missed the alcohol. It was a testament to Riverstone Corner Bistro's dedication to creating an inclusive environment where choice doesn't mean compromise on quality or experience.

Not only does Riverstone Corner Bistro provide a safe haven for those who chose to abstain from alcohol for a month, but the establishment shows continuous support by offering creative non-alcoholic options year-round. This commitment has drawn praise from various sober communities, leading to an accolade that is both prestigious and meaningful: The Little Sober Bar has officially recognized Riverstone Corner Bistro as Sober Bar Certified. This certification is more than a title; it's an assurance that anyone walking through the doors of this bistro will be greeted with delightful options that cater to all kinds of patrons.

Visit Them:

135 Reinhardt College Parkway in Canton, GA, 30114

On Facebook: @riverstonebistro

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@thelittlesoberbar RCB has been slaaying the zero-proof game consistently for years. We are big fans! #soberbarcertified #sobercurious #soberbar #placeswelove ♬ Yasashi - CXSPER
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