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Wild Bill’s Craft Beverage Co.

Ring Pop Soda Blue Raspberry

Ring Pop Soda Blue Raspberry

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Flavor Description: Dive into a whirlwind of fun with Ring Pop Blue Raspberry! It's like a sip of your favorite childhood candy - juicy blueberries and huckleberries meet the zing of acai. A trip down memory lane with every gulp!

Tasting Notes: Plump Blueberries, Wild Huckleberries, Exotic Acai Adventure Pairs Well With: Indulge in a crispy fried chicken and waffle sandwich. The sweet and tart blue raspberry flavors playfully contrast the savory crunch of fried chicken.

PROUDLY VETERAN-OWNED & OPERATED - Wild Bill’s is focused on helping our nation’s heroes make the transition from the military into successful civilian careers by supporting veteran non-profit organizations, providing discounted franchise fees and creating meaningful employment opportunities.

REAL BRAND W/ REAL HISTORY - For over 20 years, Wild Bill’s has traveled the country with their Wild West themed pop-up retail activations, serving over one million customers at fairs, festivals and conventions.

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